8 de septiembre de 2012


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Bimba NEWS: 
Once upon a time:
A group of designers wanted to come together to show their most fantastical side although don’t usually design in that style and that’s how “Fairy Closet” came up.

Event details:
ღ Even participating stores don’t need to be fantasy the event items must be made with fantasy theme.
ღ Every designer will give us a chance to get a maximun
 of 3 items for 100L or less each and at least one of these 
Items will be new and exclusive for the event.
ღ Event will run trough 10th to 30th of every month, starting September.

Also there is an event group to advertise all the rounds:

Hope to see you there!! <3
Fairy Closet organizers:
Luciana Button
Aiko YIng
Manuel Renierd
fashionemergency Resident

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