2 de mayo de 2012


Bimba NEWS:

Ok, after much thought, I decided to return to my origins. 
Well, mine and those of many people. 
From now on all posts that you see like this: with the frame with clip and the background color is an indication that it's in my post is all free.
If you are a designer and want some free promotion IMPORTANT! Do no send them to me!
Send them to Vinila SELENIUM. 
Thank you.

eyes: Bleh- Blue B1
shorts: *COCO*_Gift_Tee&DenimShorts
hoodie: DN-HV #15 Useful Things
shoes: SANTO 
hair: nodoka *Milk-Darkbrown*(resize script)
socks: Emery
skin: [inaya] GROUP GIFT - Skin Soha

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