27 de septiembre de 2011


Feeling like a Geisha.

All my outfit it´s FREE, from a hunt.

There are for men and women.

kisetsu Misedashi Hunt

A kago or "basket" is used by minarai, maiko and geisha to carry things to parties and engagements - basically it's a geiko purse or handbag. Minarai kago are smaller than those used by higher ranking maiko and geisha, so this little mini kago is an example of the kind that is used by minarai.

 This set is a furisode (literally, swinging sleeve) kimono which is traditionally worn by young, unmarried women.  This kimono is done in an all over motif of plum blossom, maple leaves and flowing water, which makes it appropriate for several different times of year.


Skin & shape Mother Goose.

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